Rattling wooly bugger Recipe

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Tools/Materials necessary:

materials needed

fis the hook in the vise and wrap thread down the shank

Fix the hook in the vise and wrap the thread down the hook shank. Wrapping the entire shank helps keep the rattle in place in later steps.

attach rattle to the hook

Attach the rattle to the hook. There is no need for close thread wraps at this point, just get it to stay in place.

attach marabou, krystal flash and chenille

Attach the Marabou, Krystal Flash, and Chenille to the top of the rattle near the back of the hook. Attaching the marabou to the top helps prevent it from wrapping around the hook. It also keeps it away from the barb of the hook, which helps make hooking as well as releasing fish easier.

optional step: wrap lead-free wire around the rattle chamber for extra weight

Optional: wrap the lead-free wire around the rattle chamber if you would like a little extra weight. The fly sinks well without the extra weight, but adding weight helps the fly sink better in heavy current.

wrap the thread in close wraps to the front of the hook and apply superglue to thread/rattle chamber

Wrap close thread wraps along the entire flat portion of the rattle chamber and apply super glue to the thread wraps and rattle chamber to keep the rattle in place.

wrap chenille forward, whip finish, apply head cement, and you are done

Wrap the Chenille forward. Wrapping it while the superglue still has some tackiness to it helps keep it in place. Whip finish and apply head cement, and the fly is finished. This is my go-to pattern to attract the attention of the hatchery trout in the area.

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