Simple Nymph Recipe

Tools/Materials necessary:

materials needed

put bead on hook, fix hook in vise, and wrap thread down hook shank starting just behind the bead

Put the gold bead on the hook, fix the hook in the vise and wrap the thread down the hook shank starting just behind the bead.

spread goose biots and attach to end of hook

Seperate two goose biots and attach them near the start of the bend of the hook. It helps if you hold the points in one hand and start wrapping a few tight wraps where the two meet, followed by loose wraps up towards the bead, then tight wraps back to the start of the hook bend.

get your dubbing ready

Get your dubbing ready. I like to use 2/3 white dubbing and 1/3 ice dubbing to add a little bit of flash to the finished nymph, but you may use all one color dubbing if you prefer.

attach dubbing to tying thread

Mix the dubbing together and spin it around the tying thread.

wrap the dubbing around the body of the nymph

Wrap the dubbing/thread around the hook up toward the gold bead. It helps to hold the dubbing tight/spin it around the thread more while you are wrapping it forward.

strip the base feathers from a hackle feather and attach it under the bead

Strip the fibers from the base of the hackle feather, stick the end under the bead, and wrap a few turns of thread to hold it there. When stripping the feather, it is best to strip until the middle part of the feather gets thinner, which makes it easier to wrap the feather in the next step.

wrap the feather around behind the gold bead, whip finish, apply head cement, and you are done.

Wrap the feather around the hook just behind the bead. Wrap tying thread to hold down the extra part of the tip of the feather and cut of the tip. Wrap tying thread between the gold bead and the hacle fibers until they start to lay back toward the hook point. Whip finish, apply head cement to the threads, and you are finished.